I recently graduated from Michigan State University with a neuroscience degree which encouraged me to empathize with each individuals' unique experience, intrigued me to understand what people do and why, and motivated me to always want to learn more.

After working for a Telemedicine start-up where I was 1 of 3 in-house employees, I learned being prepared to do anything at any time was important. The part that stood out to me however was being able to witness first hand, a UX Designer at work when I was aiding them in rebranding. I was captivated by the process and the ability to use both the right (creative) and left (logical) side of my brain (neuroscience plug)! This led me to take a UXDI Immersive course with General Assembly from where I  graduated from in April 2020. 

I am eager to use my new skill set to kick-start my UX career to continue to learn and grow in this industry.